The Challenge

Our client was moving from an unsecured space in Manhattan to two distinct locations. Their prime concern was getting both locations onto one access control system, with visual access to both via live and recorded video - all within a stringent budget.

TMI's Solution

A custom security system using a DSX access control system in conjunction with the latest Sony SSCC-CD45 fixed, vari-focal lens, 540 TV lines color camera, coupled to a SPECO Triplex DVR model - DVR16TNT.

Client software was installed on administrative computers at both locations using a DSX terminal server enabling management to monitor staff access based on employee permissions. From the same workstation, management can view live or historical activity on the DVR, which has its own IP address.

The project, covering 135,000 square feet in both locations, was completed on time thanks to proper design, engineering, project management and the cooperation of both union and non-union trades on the job sites.


Leverage the Expertise of TMI

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