Only the best products proven over time

We've worked with a number of vendors, but five have proven themselves - to us and our clients. All of these products meet our rigorous standards for reliability and durability. Comprehensive needs assessments determine the choice of product on a project-by-project basis.

Access Control Systems

Biometric Access Control

Ingersoll Rand's Recognition Systems are the finest in hand geometry and fingerprint readers.

Closed Circuit Television Systems

American Dynamics' Intellex Systems is our preferred source for the most robust and powerful video security systems available. They have been leading the way for more than a decade.


Service first and foremost

You're unlike any other company; your needs are equally distinctive. That's why TMI offers extended warranties, plus custom service and maintenance agreements under multi-year contracts. Just how long is up to you.

Once an installation is complete, we've done appropriate functional testing and all systems are GO, we're still not finished. We offer our users hands-on training. Our technicians are radio-dispatched, on call 24/7 for the length of your service contract. They can trouble-shoot remotely or, when necessary, be at your door quickly. Our average on-call response time is four hours.